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At WordCamp Toronto, pre-Covid, we didn't have our own custom Wapuu. Game on! A call for entries was announced for our very own Toronto Wapuu.We submitted, paying close attention to Toronto details. Drake made Toronto famous, calling it "The 6", so we 'embraced" it (every pun intended).

Participants were asked to vote, and we won! Do you like it too?


What the heck is a Wapuu?

Since being copyrighted in 2011, Wapuu has become a cultural cornerstone for WordPress. This fun little mascot brings people together, promotes the WordPress community, and takes the intimidating feeling out of web programming. While originally a mascot for the Japanese WordPress community, Wapuu has very much become a global WordPress mascot.

Wapuu is such a well-loved mascot that he now shows up everywhere. Wapuu is not only a staple at WordCamps around the world, he can also be spotted on just about anything you can imagine – including mugs, toys, stress balls, stickers, magnets, pins, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and baby rompers.


Wapuu pins have become increasingly popular and are one of the most highly coveted swag items at WordCamps. From an astronaut, to a pirate or punk rocker, Wapuu comes in many forms. Wapuu lovers and hobbyists all over the world collect and trade pins, some of which are highly sought-after.

Each WordCamp has its own Wapuu version, with each event adding its own style to match the region. While the general character remains the same, the mascot usually holds something that represents its local culture. For example, the Sunshine Coast WordCamp in Australia naturally depicted a Wapuu with a surfboard.

Apart from the many cuddly yellow bear-like Wapuu variations, there are also a variety of other animal characters based on the Wapuu design, such as Wapee-Ew (a skunk) or Wapanduu (a panda).

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