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Company Culture

  • Discourage “same-ness”, encourage trial and error.
  • Strive for clarity in all communications.
  • Simplicity trumps all else.
  • Be honest.
  • Nurture creative talent.
  • Never get set in your ways.
  • Give back.[/column][column width=”1/2″]namedfun2[/column][/row]

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 nmtechaward-lgerawSocial Innovation Accomplishments:  Winning the Women in Technology for Innovation, from The New Mexico Technology Council. Awarded for launching a new ecosystem/online resource to help small business owners manage and increase donations to local fundraising events,  nonprofit organizations have now received over $1.3 mil in donations. A second award for Business Excellence was also presented from the Chamber of Commerce.


Notorious: winning of the infamous “Rubber Chicken Award”, twice!   Voted by the membership of +/- 75 members of the Santa Fe Rotary Club the  Rubber Chicken Award goes to that person voted most FUN! Honoured recipients get to keep the unique, tall trophy on their desk for a year until it is passed on to the next winner. (And for a year it wore a blond wig!)

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Whether a large corporation or enthusiastic start-up, we’ll work within your budget.

What Makes us Different

Passionate about the big picture,  zeroing in on target audience,  and differentiating brand personalities, we’re showing you samples on this site that illustrate how BB can work with vastly different clients giving each their own distinctive look, there’s not one one size fits all template.

From funeral homes to shopping centres, quietly refined to loud and fabulously fun, you’ll see the variety in our client base and approval rating.


To discuss your next project and get a quote please email us at info@blatantbranding.com

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transparetn99 We’re 



  1. delivering
  2. integrity
  3. innovation
  4. emerging technology
  5. solutions