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Yadda, yadda, yadda. Ya heard it all before?

boldly beautiful.

Blatant doesn't have to be loud.
It's about displaying YOU in imagery and words. Boldly using technique in colour and design gives contrast in the marketplace. Here, the texture and feel of a rose-pedal was conceived and hand-painted in studio, as part of Artisan Edibles high quality branding persona.

Hand drawn rose pedal that was used in a packaging Artisan Edilbles



No Oops here, this is purposeful!

It's the week of Oct. 17th,  and the site is down 'cause we're updating!

Can you check  back or, better yet just call us now at 647-625-8988. We're happy to talk to you and would prioritize your needs.

Blatant Branding symbol

On Purpose

Blatant Branding symbol

On Purpose


Karen Hogg


Community Cultivator. Big picture thinker.

Likes:  Fleuvogs, anything blue, animals, martinis, pistachio ice cream, and underdogs.

Dislikes: Discrimination of any kind, couch potatoes, mosquitos, mushrooms, and when the roof leaks.

Specialties: Design. Billboards. Word-smithing. Social media. Growth-hacking. Typography. Analytics. SEO. Hackathons. WordPress. 

Pet Peeve:  "It's good enough" - noooo! Like fingernails on a chalkboard, these words bring the same reaction. If it's "good enough", it's not acceptable, make it outstanding.

photo of Lisa Chidley

Lisa Chidley

Blatantly Beautiful Graphic Designer

Designer. Team Player. CAN-DO'er.

Likes: Vector graphics, flat design, OCAD University, animals, fish cakes, beer & ballsy women entrepreneurs. Helping the underdog.

Dislikes: Unorganization, coding, camping, clowns, rain, & overpriced housing. 

Specialties: Design. Illustrator. Photoshop. Typography. Print.

Pet Peeve: Overuse of the word "mindful", shouldn't it be a given?

How We Do It

Collaborative culture lives here, and it's important that we deliver:

  • integrity
  • prompt communication
  • options for both time & budget
  • powerful design skills
  • big-picture thinking
  • feedback 
  • targeted action